Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.

Coco Chanel

Over recent years, luxury travel has been aligning more closely with traditional luxury, like fashion and jewellery, and following trends Many people associate luxury travel with five-star hotels, flying First Class, sailing on private yachts and dining at Michelin-star restaurants etc.

ARTINCENTIVE believes that luxury travel is Experiences, or moments, that make travel an emotion to live.

ARTINCENTIVE Social responsibility

For us Luxury travel must now focus on sustainable development, organic products and fair trade to bring more brand equity and value, and luxury customers feel more and more entrusted with social responsibility as opposed to ostentation. Giving back to a local community is important.


More privacy / less ostentation

a quieter, more discreet style of luxury

Italy holds a unique heritage in the world destinations and our goal is to build a trip that can convey unique and unforgettable emotions Luxury travel is all about the moments and being inspired by them.

We can focus on a specific vacation experience, or may combine cultural, leisure and/or recreational activities.


A professional called "Personal travel Marketer" will follow with discretion every single part of the journey . He is a real "project manager" with a deep experience in the world of Luxury Travel and in customer care . It will not matter if the customer will be an individual a couple or a small group . The PTM will assist the client at any time and situation . He will take care of the briefing , will discuss this with our staff and will present directly to the client or our partner , in any part of the world , the best proposals and SERVICES

Tours: art, history and shopping are key themes that drive the organization of of our trips but also outdoor activities such as sailing, skiing, adventure and wildlife and also:

Enology experience

  • Wine tasting
  • Wine tasting tour
  • Special labels (rare exclusive numbered wine bottles)

Italian Food experience

  • Tasting schools and cooking schools not only in wine regions but also in key cities.(Rome , Florence ,Milan)
  • The best "masterchef" of Italian cuisine in dedicated and exclusive event

We do not work on pre-established format, but we plan events tailored with one goal:

Impeccable quality