Sport & Culture

Sport & Culture

Italy, a land of art and history and... sports !!!

Italy is the centre of history, culture and art. Our museums, collections and archaeological sites reveal countless tokens of the past and the many civilizations that have passed across this country

Artistic wonders can be found everywhere and our artistic and cultural heritage is one of the most valuable in the world.

Italy has more cultural UNESCO World heritage sites than any other country

  • 95,000 monumental churches
  • 40,000 forts and castles
  • 30,000 historical residences with 4,000 gardens
  • 36,000 archives and libraries
  • 20,000 historical cities and towns
  • 5,600 museums and archaeological sites
  • 1,500 convents.

Italy, Territory of Sports & Adventures

Italy offers endless and amazing opportunities for those who love a vacation dedicated to sports and culture.

There are qualified and well-equipped facilities to assist guests and meet their every need.

Whatever the season, whatever the passion, Italy is the place for a sports-related vacation beyond compare! Italy is the perfect background for cycling, rafting, mountain biking, football , tennis hiking, horseback riding along amazing bridle paths…and many other outdoor sports.

Sport & Culture is a program dedicated to all age groups and to be proposed to the sports federations but also to schools and Universities. There will be the opportunity to practice various sports ( Tennis , Mountain bike , Football , Rowing , etc ) in the best sport academies and in some of Italy's most important sports centers with the presence of qualified instructors but , at the same time , partecipants will explore and discover the private residences of ancient and noble families; visit world famous museums such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Capitoline Museums in Rome, or the Brera Art Gallery in Milan; explore impressive archaeological sites, such as Pompei and Herculaneum, to immerse themselves in an exciting, grandiose past. That is by no means all - there are numerous cultural, artistic, and musical events that animate Italian life.

Some examples in the beautiful city of Rome

Tennis Academy Forum Roma Sport Center

The largest sports center in Europe welcomes you to practice with qualified instructors, tennis lessons. The lessons will be filmed and discussed with the instructors but also streamed live. The second part of the day will be dedicated to the culture, assisted by multilingual staff.

Mountain bike "Emotions"

In collaboration with a prestigious bicycle factory, it will combine mountain biking "breathtaking" steeped in history.

Football with the ancient "Etruscans"

A prestigious football school will welcome you to perform football lessons with professional athletes. The school is located in one of the sites "Etruscan" most prestigious of the world, the city of Cerveteri. The proximity to the magnificent city of Rome, also let you visit the most famous museums and churches of the art capital of the world.

More than 30 other formats for joining Sport & Culture for an unforgettable experience