If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail. Winston Churchill

Our team

Professionally educated and Travel Consultants with extended years of global experience.


  • Fully insured, bonded and licensed
  • We are caring and committed to our clients and our B2B associates

We are true “MICE professionals”; we only staff with experienced and trained staffing.You are the decision makers and our attitude is to drive you with innovative and creative suggestions in order to provide significant opportunities with significant savings and excellence in your brand awareness.


  • Luigi Spera – Founder & Managing Director
  • Ezio Del Monaco – Co-Founder & CFO
  • Francesca Garrone – Project Manager & Product Development Manager
  • Elisa Fiore – Project Manager
  • Carlotta Di Francesco – Project Manager
  • Marilena Meliddo – Sales Account Executive EMEA
  • Valeria Jaliquias – Sales Account Executive LATAM (Latin America)
  • Ronaldo Da Silva – Sales Account Executive BRASIL
  • Yumiko Aoki – Sales Account Executive JAPAN
  • Ambika Singh – Sales Account Executive INDIA (Delhi)
  • Nataly Poluektova – Sales Account Executive RUSSIA (Moscow)
  • Yulya Nazkhanova – Sales Account Executive RUSSIA (CSI)

Contact us Our team is constantly growing to better serve our customers.